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Working with the British Council, Novels Consulting has undertaken a number of high profile international assignments.

Building effective employer engagement in Tunisia

We supported the design, development and delivery of the ‘Building Effective Employer Engagement: International Conference’, held in Tunis in February 2012.  This led to the preparation of a report and recommendations, which will be used to plan and to guide future work in Tunisia.

Helping international visitors understand UK quality assurance

We have managed and co-ordinated the design and delivery of seminars to provide international visitors with a comprehensive introduction to the UK’s principles and systems for quality assuring vocational education and training.  Seminars have included presentations from key individuals and organisations, along with visits to employers, colleges and other learning environments.

Standards and curriculum development in China

In September 2011 we supported the delivery of a major conference and designed/led a number of seminars in Guangzhou, China, focusing on the development of occupational standards and vocational curriculum to enhance progression pathways and support VET reform in Guangdong Province.  These events were attended by government officials, employers and other stakeholders within the Chinese VET system.  We have continued to support this work by facilitating more recent events in China and the UK to promote and support the development of effective partnerships between Chinese and UK colleges.  





Developing a credit system of qualifications in Eritrea

In May 2011 we worked with the Ministry of Education in Eritrea to help government officials and curriculum experts develop their understanding of credit-based qualifications and learning programmes, and to explore with them how a credit system of qualifications could underpin the new Eritrean Qualifications Framework.  Key outputs included a comprehensive guidance manual along with capacity building in-country through a series of interactive workshops.

Human capital development in Kazakhstan

We developed and delivered a presentation and seminar on the UK experience of developing qualification frameworks at the ‘Human Capital Development in Kazakhstan: Challenges and Solutions International Conference’, held in Astana in March 2010. The conference, which was attended by government officials, employers, educators and other key stakeholders within Kazakhstan, as well as representatives from the international community, initiated a comprehensive programme of VET reform and promoted the development of human capital to support the requirements of industry in Kazakhstan.

Vocational education and training policy in Armenia

In his capacity as a vocational education and training expert in the UK, Mark Novels took part in a public debate on Armenian television, relating to the development of VET policy in Armenia.


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