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Advising on awarding organisation recognition

We have supported awarding organisations undertake self-evaluation, develop and refine policies and procedures to meet the General Conditions of Recognition, and prepare their submissions to Ofqual.

Reviewing QCF units and qualifications

We have undertaken large scale reviews of units and qualifications for Ofqual to determine the extent to which they were compliant with the Regulatory Arrangements for the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). The reviews resulted in evaluation reports, including recommendations to inform the on-going development and refinement of regulatory policies and procedures.

Developing QCF units and qualifications

We have managed the development of QCF units and rules of combination in and across a number of sectors, including: design; the music industry; and for creative practitioners who work with children and young people.

Developing apprenticeship frameworks

We have managed the development of English and Welsh apprenticeship frameworks in the lifelong learning sector, ensuring these align with industry needs and comply fully with SASE and SASW requirements.

Developing qualification strategies

We developed a refreshed sector qualifications strategy for the creative and cultural industries and carried out a review of level 3 visual arts qualifications to inform action plans.

Improving business performance

We have managed the delivery of projects to support business change, improve business performance and more specifically, ensure the successful delivery of outcomes relating to the reform of vocational qualifications.



Development of non-formal learning programmes in the QCF

We worked with members of the Network for Accreditation of Young Peoples' Achievement to help them gain a better understanding of the QCF and to provide advice and guidance on translating informal learning programmes into QCF units and qualifications.

Mapping and benchmarking           

We have undertaken mapping of learning programmes, such as the UFI Community Leadership Programme, against QCF units and qualifications and provided evaluation reports to inform on-going work.  

Other research

We have carried out a range of other research activities and prepared various high level reports and strategies, including but not limited to:

  • The 2009 JACQA Biennial Report relating to 14-19 qualifications (for the Secretary of State);
  • A data and intelligence strategy to support the UK Commission’s process for commissioning Universal Services (national occupational standards, apprenticeships and qualification related outputs); and
  • An analysis of the options for recognising and/or accrediting intercultural skills and knowledge.

CDET Accreditation Board

As a member of the CDET Accreditation Board, we undertake occasional scrutiny and validation of reports relating to the recognition of dance institutions as part of their membership applications to CDET.

Please also take a look at some of the international projects we have been involved with.

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